3GL Technology Solutions specializes in various industries within the Edmonton and surrounding area. Not only do we specialize in small to medium sized businesses of all types of industries, we also specialize in:

  • Insurance
  • Construction & Manufacturing
  • Legal
  • Healthcare

We have outlined some of our services as a sample in relation to small-medium sized businesses as well as the legal industry. Please feel free to review them and contact us no matter what your industry may be.


IP Telephony
Putting it all together.

IP telephony (or Internet telephony) is a technology that transmits voice communications over the network and Internet using open-standards-based communication protocols. IP telephony has grown dramatically in the last few years and it's a very reliable way to extend consistent communication to all your employees, whether they are in the main office, branch office, working remotely, or mobile. 

​​Disaster Recovery
It's our business to protect your business.

Choosing from simple offsite backup plans to full business continuity plans 3GL Technology Solutions can help protect your critical data should an unforeseen disaster strike.  

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